Below is an outline of the APS Search Process. If you have started to work with us or are considering our services, we encourage you to carefully review the steps involved in a typical search. This is a process that has been continually refined since 1977 and is still reassessed. It is a process that we are proud of and most importantly it is a process that works; it delivers APS’ clients top talent with speed and accuracy.

  1. 1. Evaluation Stage - This critical first step involves an in depth discussion with the client in order to determine the required skills and experience of the successful candidate. Also, it is vital during this step is to gain a thorough understanding of your company’s culture and the attraction factors of the company. Armed with an understanding of these things, APS will be able to better match your company’s selling points to a prospective candidate’s motivations.

  2. 2. Commitment Stage - We guarantee that once we undertake an assignment, we will devote our best professional effort to expediently finalize that assignment successfully.

  3. 3. Recruitment Stage - Armed with a carefully constructed plan, we hit the phones. Working against a deadline, we speak with prospective candidates using referral skills to identify new candidates and assessment skills to identify those candidates that warrant further conversation. APS recruiters are highly trained salespeople, and your company’s career opportunity is their product.

  4. 4. Qualification Stage - APS will thoroughly qualify each candidate that has been identified as a prospect for presentation to you. At this point, we are looking at the candidates’ skills and experience along with their motivations for pursuing a new opportunity. APS is determined to present only those candidates who are motivated to make a change from their present situation and whose motivations match what you can offer them. Through discussion with the candidate we acquire all the information we need to ensure that the candidate is qualified, motivated to make a change, and hirable. Once this stage is complete, the top candidates are presented to you.

  5. 5. Interview Stage - APS will present the candidates to you for the purpose of arranging interviews. You will be given an understanding of the candidates’ skills, relevant background experience, and motivations. We will prepare each candidate for the interview. We will explain the position to them and expose them to as much company information as possible so that each candidate can have an informed discussion with you during the interview.

  6. 6. Debrief - Following the interviews, we will discuss each candidate with you and will come to a decision of which candidates to eliminate and which to pursue. We will have a similar discussion with the candidates to determine each candidate’s reactions and their decision as to whether or not to more forward with the interviewing process. As we progress through the interviewing stage, we are in close contact with both you and the candidates to stay aware of any problems that may prevent a successful completion of the search.

  7. 7. Reference Checking - Once you have identified the top candidate, APS has the ability to screen his or her background. This can range from talking to professional references, supervisors and/or peers or what meets your company’s needs.

  8. 8. Offer Stage - Once we are ready to offer the position to a candidate, APS will consult with you to determine the best way to proceed with the offer. By this time, we will have had in-depth discussions with the candidate concerning salary expectations. APS will work together with you to give you the best chance of hiring the candidate. APS recruiters are involved in offer situations as many as ten times in a month. It is our goal to use our expertise in these situations to help you and the candidate meet your objectives. Once a verbal offer and acceptance has been achieved, we ask you to put an offer letter in writing to the candidate.

  9. 9. Transition Stage - Each of the candidates that we place is encouraged to give their current employer a professional two weeks notice upon resigning. APS will stay involved with you and the candidate until the candidate commences employment with your company. We will consult with the candidate during the resignation stage and help them with situations such as counteroffers and transition to new employment.

  10. 10. Post Placement Stage - The APS goal is to build a long term, mutually beneficial relationship with every client. For this reason we will plan follow up calls to you and the candidate after the placement. We will want to ensure that the candidate is performing well for your company and we fully intend to honor any guarantees that we have agreed upon. We know that APS’ reputation is only as good as the performance of the candidates that we place.

Ready to Begin?

APS has been in business since 1977. We have worked with many great companies. We specialize in recruiting and placing top talent with specific industry experience.